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First grade winterized (pressed) unrefined sunflower oil

First grade winterized unrefined sunflower oil

Bar code
Capacity, l Weight, g
4820077080899 0,87 800 PET Bottle. Cases, fluted 15 pcs.
The name of the exponents
According to the State standard
Color value, mg of iodine 12 - 15 maximum 25
Acid number, mg KON/g maximum 1,5 maximum 0,40
Weight fraction of moisture and volatiles, % maximum 0,10 maximum 0,15
Weight fraction of phosphorus-containing matters, % maximum 0,10 maximum 0,40
Peroxide number 1/2 0 mM/kg 4,0 - 7,0 maximum 10,0

Store in a closed dark rooms at the recommended temperature from +8°C to +20°C

Storage life – 12 months. State Standard 4492-2005

If you want to enjoy cold dishes or salads, you will like Maslinka – unrefined, which will enrich them with flavour and light touch of classical sunflower oil.

The method of manufacturing our unrefined oil allows to make a really useful product, which preserves all its useful natural ingredients, required for the healthy diet. We do not use chemical treatment while manufacturing unrefined oil, owing to which our oil is not only useful, but also safe, which is especially important for children’s ration. Maslinka is sunflower oil preserving in each drop all the strength and benefit of sunflower seeds from Poltava region. Maslinka. Even the tiniest drop is valuable!

Unrefined sunflower oil is characterized by the following specific features:

  • in terms of quality it corresponds to the oil of the highest quality;
  • pleasant smell and taste, natural colour, free from any off-taste and bitterness;
  • perfect source of human dietary supplements.


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