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Company news

Enterprise ARC UKROLIYAPRODUCT received certificate under the international scheme FSSC 22000

03 July 2014
Enterprise ARC “UKROLIYAPRODUCT”, which is a production site for production of sunflower oil of UKROLIYA Ltd., received certificate under the international scheme FSSC 22000.
In May 2014 the company successfully passed the certification audit of quality management system according to the requirements to products FSSC 22000, international standard ISO 22000:2005 and technical specification ISO/TS 22002:2009.
FSSC 22000 is a certification scheme for food manufacturer, belonging to the Fund of Food Safety Certification. It includes the following requirements: 
            - Food Safety Management System, according to ISO 22000:2005.
Programs of Preliminary Conditions, set in the technical specification ISO/TS 22002-1:2009
            - Additional requirements: Availability of the register of applicable foreign, regulatory and legal requirements, related to the food safety; norms and rules on provision of services, on control of the staff as regards the accurate application of principles and methods as regards the food safety, corresponding to their activity, the manufacturer’s compliance with the requirements of due production and hygienic practice.
            FSSC 22000 Certificate is recognized by the GFSI and provides a real value to the organization, irrespective of the size and complexity, level of the suppliers and buyers of the whole food chain and in the whole world. FCCS 22000 combines the advantages of a business management tool, connecting food safety and business processes with the possibility to satisfy growing consumer requirements, as well as provides a possibility of food safety management system certification, approved by the GFSI.
            Therefore, due to the food safety management system certification according to the requirements of the Food Safety System Certification 22000 the company receives the following advantages:
  • increase in competitive ability of the product due to recognition by the CIAA - European Food and Drink Association – and the GMA - American Groceries Manufacturing Association – and completely recognized by the GFSI and accreditation authorities in the whole world (European Accreditation Cooperation (EA)) and availability of FSSC 22000 certificate recognized on international markets;
  • precautionary approach to ensuring food safety, efficient internal process management;
  • possibility to participate in the chain of food production for large domestic and international trade networks, performance of supplies to the clients,  which insist on independent inspection;
  • elimination of barriers in trade on the European and international market and problems of mutual recognition of the results of assessment of compliance in the area of food safety;
  • formation of image of manufacturer of quality and safe products.
Company certification under FSSC 22000 scheme is one more proof of orientation of UKROLIYA on production of safe products, as it is very relevant and important for the end-consumer. He must be sure of the quality of products bought for himself and his family. And UKROLIYA does everything for this assurance to be 100-percent.


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