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Milestones of "UKROLIYA" LLC development:


  • 2001 – year of UKROLIYA company incorporation – a modern Ukrainian company on sunflower seed and soya bean processing. A core business is manufacturing and sales of sunflower oil, soya bean oil, sunflower meal and husk, packaged and in bulk.
  • 2002 – Production of unrefined sunflower oil of TM “Dikanka” was launched.
  • 2004 – On production facilities of Zenkov Feed Factory located in town of Zenkov was organized production under TM “Dikansky Khutorok”.
  • 2006 – Range of output products was broaden by sunflower oil under TM “Maslinka”.
  • 2010 – was launched production of premium sunflower oil under TM «GARNA».
  • From 2012 by the order of “UKROLIYA”, LLC on production facilities of “UKROLIYAPRODUCT”, ALC was launched production of packaged low-economy segment sunflower oil under new trademarks “Oliyka”, “Panyanka”.
  • In March, 2013 sunflower oil refining and deodorization plant utilizing highly precise, environmentally safe, energy-efficient and high-performance import equipment was commissioned and started.
  • In 2013 “UKROLIYA” finished the commissioning of soya bean processing unit. Derivative products of soya bean processing are soya bean oil and meal for complete feed. Soya bean processing capacity amounts to 100 – 120 tons of feedstock/day.
  • 2014 – “UKROLIYAPRODUCT”, ALC, that is production site of “UKROLIYA”, LLC for manufacturing of sunflower oil, has successfully passed certification audit of Quality Management System in accordance with requirements of FSSC 22200, ISO 22000:005 standard and specifications ISO/TS 22002:2009.
  • Since 2014 company "UKROLIYA" offers an innovative product as high oleic sunflower oil with new useful properties.
  • In 2015 extraction plant was set in operation, that was followed by increasing of sunflower oil production and protein-rich feed for animal husbandry - sunflower meal.
  • Year 2016 - The production of high oleic sunflower oil launched. Balanced content of high oleic oil with unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 and natural antioxidants, has an immunostimulating effect on the human body, and therefore recommended for use by the World Health Organization for proper nutrition.

Production of a natural, high quality and better-for-you product is the base going concern principle.


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