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Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Interesting about fats and sunflower oil

The daily human diet should include 30—33 % of fats from the total caloric content of food. So, what is the importance of vegetable oils (in particular, contained in sunflower oil) for our organism and, hence, for our health?

  • 1. They create the energy reserve allowing an organism to sustain a cold and disease.
  • 2. Some matters contained in fats refer to a "constructional material" for cells. Therefore permanent shortage of fats will lead to an atherosclerosis and even reduction in life expectancy.
  • 3. Vegetable fats are polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic, linolenic (omega-acids) and arachidonic. These acids are still named as irreplaceable since an organism is not able to generate them by itself. They serve as the power supply of a nervous system and a brain, ensure energy to a person, enhance mood, distress, enhance concentration and execute many other beneficial functions. The daily use of omega-3 and omega-6 oils (in moderate quantity) reduces risk of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • 4. Vegetable fats in a human diet (omega-3 and omega-6) promote fighting against excess weight helping to decrease volume of an adipose tissue generation by an organism and to enlarge fat burning quotient.
  • 5. The opinion is widely spread that a cholesterin is very harmful. However it is impossible to expel intake of the matter into an organism at all, as a cholesterin influences synthesis of sexual hormones and is used for generation of bile by liver. The anemia can become a result of a cholesterin deficiency. Vegetable oil helps to balance amount of a cholesterin, and sunflower oil is ideal for these purposes.
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