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Vitamin F

Vitamin F (polyunsaturated aliphatic acids - PUAA)
This vitamin represents a complex of polyunsaturated aliphatic acids: linolenic (omega-3), linoleic (omega-6), arachidonic (omega-b), eicosapentanoic and docosahexaenoic. Vegetable oils refer to number of its natural sources, including sunflower oil.

Use of vitamin F

  • Vitamin F and cardiovascular system

Polyunsaturated aliphatic acids prevent developing of an atherosclerosis and reduce cholesterin level in blood and its deposition on walls of arteries.
Vitamin F thins the blood, therefore rendering antithrombotic influence on cardiovascular system.
Also polyunsaturated aliphatic acids feature cardioprotective and antiarrhytmic properties.

  • Vitamin F and an inflammation

Vitamin F struggles against inflammatory processes in an organism eliminating such symptoms of an inflammation, as dropsies, a hyperemia and a pain.

  • Vitamin F and a locomotorium

Vitamin F influences biosynthesis of Prostaglandinums playing an appreciable role in prophylaxis of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Cause of such diseases is grounded in a lipid storage disease, disturbance of a normal histotrophic nutrition and blood supply.
Regular intake of polyunsaturated aliphatic acids enhances assimilability of other vitamins: A (retinol), D (ergocalciferol - D2, cholecalciferol - D3), (tocopherol) and all B group vitamins.

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