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Tasty, useful, high quality, affordable sunflower oil is a dream for any housewife. TM Olinalli helps to make it come true, since this oil fully meets all technological requirements and modern quality standards. It will come up to expectations of the most discriminating and demanding connoisseurs!

We use sunflower oil regularly, because we cannot do without it while cooking various dishes! Dikanlka will certainly become a loyal assistant in cooking any culinary delicacies.

Natural taste, high quality, wide product range these are essential features of TM Olinalli products.

The oil of TM Olinalli contains numerous useful substances. It is not surprising as sunflower seeds for this oil are grown under natural selection method with no gene modifications in the most environmentally clean regions of Ukraine! It is here in Poltava lands, it is possible to grow ecologically cleanest material.

Manufacturing Olinalli TM oil is with minimum thermal treatment, meaning that the finished product has similar qualities to those of the sunflower seeds, which are said to be a rich source of vitamin , the vitamin of youth. Consequently, the oil of TM Olinalli contains all natural useful substances owing to the careful treatment.

TM Olinalli offers its customers unrefined and refined deodorized oil. Each consumer will find a suitable product thanks to the consumer-friendly packing.

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