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Sunflower oil in food containers


UKROLIYA LTD Company offers to its partners the sunflower oil in food tin containers of the volume 18 liters (16,56 kg), 16 kg (17,4 liters), 16 liters (14,72 kg), 15 liters (13,8 kg) or in other liter capacity, being convenient for the customer.

All the containers comply with the requirements of European standards: food electrolytic tin-plate for cans ETC (can-end tin stock of electrolytic tinning) of increased level of hardness, the weld.

The advantages of using the tin containers are as follows: sufficient mechanical strength, ductility, resistance to deformation during transportation over long distances, corrosion resistance. Unlike glass cans, tin ones are lighter in 3 times, insensitive to temperature changes; there is no danger of glass entering the product.

All the products are offered just as under own trade marks, so under the conditions of Privat Label

All the food metal containers meet the standard TU U 28.7-30759962-003-2011 - METAL CANS FOR FOOD PRODUCTS.

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