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Oil in Bulk



The cold-press technology is used by production of non-refined sunflower oil. This is extra virgin oil, a natural product which is not exposed to chemical effect in the course of its production. The method allows avoidance of generation of thermal oxidation and destruction products and saving of in oil vitamins A, , polyunsaturated aliphatic acids, such as linolic acid (Omega 6).

Non-refined sunflower oil contains the following substances:

1.Vitamin E - a natural antioxidant which preserves cells of a human body against senilism. The high content of tocopherols ensures more long storage time of oil during which its consumer properties do not worsen.

2. Aliphatic acids - promote fast removal of a cholesterin from an organism, have a recovering effect to blood vessel walls, increase their elasticity, they are a prophylactic drug against an atherosclerosis, a myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases.
Phosphotides - play the important role in an adipose metabolism and have antisclerotic properties.

 Non-refined sunflower oil features the following organoleptic characteristics:

  • High nutrition and biological value; it does not contain off-tastes and a bitter taste;
  • Matches to first quality oil under its qualitative characteristics;
  • Sound source of replenishment of a human body by minor constituents and biologically-active substances;
  • Agreeable to the taste and odor taste, has an original color, with ideal consistency.


Refined deodorized sunflower oil is an ideal product for roasting and has following organoleptic characteristics:

  • Ensures even roasting without burning;
  • Does not foam and is not smoked during roasting at high temperatures;
  • Economical in use;
  • Saves its qualitative characteristics for 24 months


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