Recognition of the consumer. Trust in a partner.


For those who appreciate guaranteed quality and useful foods, we produce sunflower oil of MaslinkaTM.

Sunflower oil must be not only ecologically clean, but also meet quality requirements, be economical and convenient in use. Oil of MaslinkaTM meets all quality requirements, since it is produced from the first pressed oil. It preserves maximum useful substances and vitamins.

The secret of high quality and good taste of our products is in thorough compliance with all technological flow requirements and continuous quality control.

Our oil is produced of sunflower seeds, grown mostly in Poltava region. It allows to supervise safety of the product as early as at the stage of material production, because high quality sunflower seeds may be grown only in environmentally clean areas.

Trademark Maslinka includes two kinds of oil – unrefined and refined deodorized, so that anyone can select the product to their taste.

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