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Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of fine cuisine and care of your health? In this case trademark GARNA can offer you an indispensable product for any housewife. This product is sunflower oil, which is equal by quality to its European analogues.

GARNA sunflower oil is a perfect choice for a true gourmet. Fine and tender, it will make your dinner much more appetizing and will help discover the finest tints in the taste of any dish on your dinner table.

Sunflower oil is a product one cannot do without for numerous dishes. It is used for frying, preserving, dressing sauces and salads … Therefore, real connoisseurs of fine cuisine are always very demanding to this product. However, GARNA will meet the requirements of the most discriminating gourmets! Owing to this oil any dish turns into a real culinary masterpiece!

Everything, from a perfect set of consumer features and to the fine product design, correspond to the highest premium rate. GARNA sunflower oil will help any person to feel and be able to appreciate the most delicate cuisine.

Made of selected sunflower seeds, grown in environmentally clean regions of the country, GARNA oil contains numerous valuable elements, required for human. Minimal thermal treatment while producing the final product allows to preserve all its useful substances. Therefore, it can be affirmed that GARNA oil is not only tasty but it also has nutritional properties and high quality guaranteed.

The range of GARNA consists of unrefined and refined deodorized sunflower oil.

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