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In order that oil has been stored as long time as possible, it should be protected from direct sunlight and a heat.

Non-refined sunflower oil in the form of warm compresses is a wonderful tonic to a fading and dry skin.

By means of non-refined sunflower oil it is possible to prepare unusually healthful sea buckthorn oil. For this purpose juice is extracted from sea buckthorn berries, and the press cake which has remained after this procedure is milled, and then flooded with warm non-refined sunflower oil, ingrained in a dark place and separated by pressing or extraction through some layers of gauze. Sea buckthorn oil is applied in case of radiation injuries of skin, for treatment of cervical erosion, oesophageal cancer, trophic ulcers, in the case of thermal injuries, skin diseases, anal orifice fractures, a stomach and a duodenum ulcer, an internal hemorrhoid, a genyantritis, an adenoid disease, and an atherosclerosis.

Non-standard methods of sunflower oil use:

Sunflower oil is an excellent drug for treatment of a small combustion. Put on a damaged skin a droplet of oil and then, for the best result, a little of soda. At the initial stage this method will take out painful sensations and the first signs of redness.

Sunflower oil will help to avoid such wide-spread problem as lacrimation when cutting an onion. For this purpose it is necessary to moisten a knife in oil before onion cutting.

Sunflower oil will manage to relieve you even of paint spots on the arm - simply wipe the contaminated place by a cloth impregnated in oil.

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