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Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Sunflower seeds

The most popular vegetable oil is produced from sunflower seeds. But what we know about sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds have been brought for the first time to Europe from Mexico in XVI century.

Fried sunflower seeds refer to some kind of a delicacy for a long time. Thanks to different roast extent they have a wide spectrum of various tastes and aromas. Having appeared in our country in the beginning of XVIII century, sunflower has quickly distributed through its entire territory and along with oil-bearing varieties there were cultivated also varieties with large seeds for meal.

Sunflower seeds are very salutary product to a human. Sunflower seeds are key supplier of polyunsaturated fat acids to a human body.

Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins which are roborant for cutaneous covering and normalize acid-base balance. For example, consistent exfoliating body scrub created on the basis of sunflower seeds deletes sphacelous cells and roughness from an epidermis surface, creates sensation of the "regenerated" skin and has a complex effect enhancing its condition as a whole.

A sunflower seed comprises about 20 % of protein which contents includes essential amino acids.

The sunflower harvesting takes about one and a half months. The sunflower seeds harvested are forwarded to a barnyard (a special storage place) where they pass laboratory inspection and are analyzed on a variety, moisture content and acid number. The moisture content is lower and cleaning of sunflower seeds from extraneous impurities is better, the longer they keep their palatability. At a following stage of the process hi-tech convective furnaces treat sunflower seeds by hot air from different directions. The end product is delivered to the automated package line where sunflower seeds are packed in glasses or packs.

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