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Non-refined sunflower oil contains the component which is unusually valuable to our health - vitamin E (tocopherol). That biologically-active substance is one of the powerful antioxidants which prevent development of many diseases and senilism.

What is necessary to know about vitamin E?

  • Vitamin E ranges to liposoluble substances and, as it was already mentioned, has antioxidant functions. It appreciably increases damages caused by free radicals and, thereby, prolongs a human youthfulness and completely revitalizes a human organism.
  • Vitamin E exists in several forms, most active of which is alpha tocopherol. It plays the most important role for human health.

Alpha tocopherol can be found in natural products, including in non-refined sunflower oil.
Vitamin E effectively protects a human skin against harmful affecting of an ultraviolet. Actually, tocopherol is a main ingredient in the majority of sun-protection creams which as though “seal” the skin top layer and thanks to it preserve against destructive UF-rays.

  • Tocopherol helps to absorb vitamin A which, as it is known, supports visual acuity and a condition of cutaneous coverings.
  • Vitamin E is a remarkable abirritant for a skin. Besides, it helps to get rid of nevuses pigmentosus, aftereffects of undesirable sunburn and other deficiencies.
  • Regular consumption of products with vitamin E high content will have positive effect to scars and linear atrophy. Many skin problems including poor healing of wounds are related to shortage of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin E is effective also for carcinoma cutaneum prevention. The cause is antioxidative and sun-protection properties of tocopherol.

It is necessary to note that vitamin E received by natural way (for example, thanks to enrichment of a daily ration by non-refined sunflower oil) is incomparably more useful, and it is impossible to compare such way to its chemist's analogue of a synthetic origin.

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